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On Child Well-being: Q&As with AI

Here, I share an interesting angle on child well-being: Q&As with AI. I have interacted with OpenAI’s ChatGPT long enough now that the system understands my interests in the well-being of Louisiana’s children and some of my concepts about Child Well-being Infrastructure. This phrase came to mind during my presentation to the Baton Rouge Press Club about Louisiana’s need for an Office of Children’s Ombudsman.

ChatGPT is a natural language AI chatbot developed by OpenAI to interact with people conversationally. The following Q&As are from my collection of conversations on child well-being with ChatGPT. Of course, I will point out that ChatGPT is an interesting, thought-provoking tool, not a person.

2024-03-06What are the pros and cons of using converted intermodal shipping containers for juvenile detention?

If you wish to chat with ChatGPT on your own, go to OpenAi’s website at

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