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rick wheat

tears behind my eyes

I wrote an article recently for my Multiple Sclerosis Caregiver blog. It’s titled “Tears of Hope and Passionate Hate”. In it, I used words I find myself using more frequently as I grow older. The phrase is, “tears behind my eyes”. I’ve used the phrase recently to describe a day…

hold hands when you pray

It’s the sure repetition of small, beneficial acts in a marriage that creates value for the relationship. Significance is often discovered in the small things. Fortunately, because taking care of the small stuff in a marriage often requires the least effort while offering the greatest return, it makes sense to…

happily married

I am a happily married man! I enjoy my wife and our life together. Today I made reservations for us to return to our honeymoon cabin in Arkansas next March for our 20th anniversary. I’m filled with joy over it. I have a photo which I took on our honeymoon.…

stones for remembering

What do you think about God? Have you ever been afraid to follow a thought trail about God because you were worried about where it would go or concerned you might have a “dangerous” thought? Theological brain storms can move a lot of stale brain-air and refresh the cavities of…

the mind you save

The mind you save may be your own. Here’s more good news for coffee drinkers from our Finnish friends: Midlife coffee and tea drinking and the risk of late-life dementia Midlife coffee drinking can decrease the risk of dementia/Alzheimer’s disease (AD) later in life. This conclusion is made in a…

cast iron value

I've had my eye on a 9 quart, Lodge Dutch Oven for quite a while. I bought it today with Christmas gift money from my parents. And I got a great deal on it at our local hardware store. Because it's cast iron and will last hundreds of years, it's possible one of my great, great, great, etc., grand children will use it, too.

the home of God is with man

We all have moments which sparkle in our experience of life. These incredible events, impossible to forget, overwhelm us with sheer joy.

You pop the question and she says, "Yes!" You're named Employee of the Year. Your dad says, "I love you," and you know without doubt he means it.

some day i will write a book

Some day I'll write a book. It will begin like this:

When it was my chore as a child to clean the kitchen after supper I would set the biggest pots in the sink and fill them with soapy water. In my little hands they were unweildy and difficult to manage. I knew after my Mom heard me say the magic words, "these need to soak", I could walk away and trust her to clean the big pots.

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