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Reports on Louisiana’s Children

Reports on Louisiana’s Children make it clear. On the one hand, the deficits Louisiana’s Children face are well-documented. Yet, on the other, it is so tricky for initiatives designed to effect positive change to gain traction. This discrepancy between what we know about the well-being of Louisiana’s Children and what we do about it is a common source of exasperation among child advocates in Louisiana.

Evidence of what we know about the difficulties Louisiana’s Children endure is reported in our daily news stories. It is also well documented by advocacy organizations in the reports they produce describing the plight of Louisiana’s Children. The following list of reports provides examples of the important work Louisiana’s Child advocacy groups do to educate the public and elected officials.

A Roadmap to Improve Child Well-Being in Louisiana – 2020 Edition, by Agenda for Children.

Louisiana Platform for Children Report, by Louisiana Partnership for Children and Families.

A Review of Child Welfare, The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services – January 5, 2016, conducted by The Child Welfare Policy and Practice Group, and supported by Casey Family Programs.

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