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Posts published by “Rick Wheat”

Some people collect tools. I collect information about Child welfare systems, Child well-being, and the ways state systems impact the lives of Children. My avocation and goal is to understand the conditions of Louisiana's Children and find ways all of us can improve their well-being. My vocation is to serve as CEO of Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services. (The views and opinions I share here on are my own and are not necessarily those of my employer.)

Children are NEVER prostitutes

One of the larger newspapers in southwest Louisiana and a regional television station published news articles last week about the sexual exploitation of two Children. The articles incorrectly identified the two Children as prostitutes. Children are never prostitutes. These two Children were sold and raped. I contacted the news desk,…

endings are complicated

Endings are complicated. Typing was once a more physical experience. Each page of paper was inserted and rolled around a platen. Each keypress was a levered, mechanical event. With each inked letter impressed on the paper, a third of the typewriter’s mass, the part called “the carriage,” would move one…

your ache is your prayer

“Your ache is also your prayer.” Your ache is your prayer. This was on my mind when I woke today. Jesus taught that prayer is a personal experience each of us has with the One who made us. Anyone can pray because prayer is literally your experience with God. There…

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