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Children’s Homes

Wherever it is in the world, every children's home, orphanage and residential treatment program for children longs for the same thing: that its services were not needed.

Children are reared best in their own homes. And while the whole field of residential child care is continuously evaluating itself and its reason for existence, throughout history there have been people who have organized and banded together to care for children who could not care for themselves.

I appreciate the work done by a good children's home or orphanage. Staff who make a career out of residential childcare do so because they find their calling in it. They are driven by their love for others.

I've worked for Louisiana Methodist Children's Home for nearly thirty years and I have a unique perspective on residential child care. I have served as an accreditation team leader and an EAGLE Accreditation Commissioner. This has allowed me to visit, explore and learn from many other children's homes.

I've studied different aspects of care and have presented the information (The Death of Children in Residential Care) at national conventions. I love children's homes. I enjoy reading their mission statements because they remind me that people do care for others. I like to discover how an agency's mission is pursued in their environment. And I love to read the histories of child care agencies.

I doubt you'll ever be able purchase stock or invest in a public corporation whose product is providing holistic care for children. There's no financial profit in it to attract investors seeking a financial return.

What you will find, though, are children's homes and orphanages around the world which invest daily and deeply in the lives of children and adolescents (and their families in many cases) without an eye toward financial return.

Children's Homes


The United Methodist Children's Home of Alabama and West Florida UMC


Alaska Children's Services UMC


TMM Family Services UMC


Arkansas Baptist Children's Homes & Family Ministries SBC
Methodist Family Health UMC


Fred Finch Youth Center UMC


Warren Village UMC


Florida Baptist Children's Homes & Family Ministries SBC
The Florida United Methodist Children's Home UMC


Murphy-Harpst Children's Centers UMC
Georgia Baptist Children's Homes & Family Ministries SBC
The United Methodist Children's Home UMC
The Methodist Home for Children UMC
The Vashti Center UMC


ChildServ UMC
Methodist Youth Services UMC
United Methodist Children's Home UMC
The Baby Fold UMC
Chaddock UMC
Rosecrance Health Network UMC
Cunningham Children's Home UMC


Bashor Children's Home UMC
Indiana United Methodist Children's Home UMC


Hillcrest Family Services UMC


Sunrise Children's Services SBC
Kentucky United Methodist Homes for Children & Youth UMC


MacDonell United Methodist Children's Services, Inc. UMC
Louisiana Baptist Children's Home SBC
Louisiana Methodist Children's Home UMC
The Methodist Home for Children UMC


Board of Child Care UMC


Methodist Children's Home UMC
Baddour Center UMC


Spofford Home UMC
Missouri Baptist Children's Homes SBC
Epworth Children & Family Services UMC


Intermountain Children's Home & Services UMC


Epworth Village UMC

New York

Children's Home of Wyoming Conference UMC
Gateway-Longview, Inc. UMC

North Carolina

Methodist Home for Children, Inc. UMC
North Carolina Baptist Homes for Children SBC
The Children's Home, Inc. UMC


United Methodist Children's Home UMC
Flat Rock Homes & Care Center UMC


Circle of Care, Inc. UMC
Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children SBC


United Methodist Home for Children, Inc. UMC
Methodist Services for Children and Families UMC
Methodist Family Services of Philadelphia UMC
Ward Home for Children UMC
The Bradley Center, Inc. UMC

South Carolina

Connie Maxwell Children's Homes SBC
Epworth Children's Home UMC


Holston United Methodist Home for Children UMC
Tennessee Baptist Children's Home SBC
Hannah's Hope UMC
Miriam's Promise UMC


Aldersgate Enrichment Center UMC
Buckner Baptist Benevolences SBC
Cumberland Presbyterian Children's Home
Texas Baptist Children's Home SBC
Methodist Children's Home UMC


United Methodist Family Services of Virginia UMC


Deaconess Children's Services UMC

West Virginia

Burlington United Methodist Family Services, Inc. UMC

Outside the United States


Chen Su Lan Methodist Childrens Home

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